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Lassi, ジャズミン, is one of your classmates at the start of the game.

This bunny girl was supposedly born in an immigrant community outside of downtown Kovomaka. She is kind of slow and scatterbrained, but incredibly curious. Mischievous at times, she gets into trouble at every turn.

Spoilers below
Lassi is the first classmate you will find, after following her into the rockets and crash landing on Erd. In the opening desert area, after your rocket crashes, you can find Lassi's rocket right of yours if you go far enough. After this point, Lassi will join your party for the rest of the game.

[edit] Spells

  • Wind Talon
  • Healing Wing
  • Falcon Dive
  • Mother's Nest
  • Pteranodon
  • *Celestial Swap
  • *Brawly Ball
  • *High Art
  • *Comet Shower


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